New Releases

New Releases

Catch up on new releases from the past few years.

New Releases
  • Life in Long Beach

    A look into the people, places, and stories that go on in a day in Long Beach, CA.

  • The Spring Poem

    Petra, a young director and a single mother, is trying to normalize her life after divorce. She is preparing to make a film about the poet Desanka Maksimović, but her father’s death stirs many conflicts in her of which she has not been aware. When she gets romantically involved with Vuk, her life...

  • Little Milo

    THE ERA: Starting from the date of June 16, 2015 to November 8, 2016, the American political landscape has had more heartbreak and divisions in today’s world of differences. This film reflects a generation of conflicts represented by its dynamic characters. It’s been nominated at the US Internati...